Things to do in Johor Bahru

Johor Bahru houses various places which are worth being visited. Hence, following are places which definitely want your presence:-

Danga Bay

The place stands out to be quite plain and simple and you are surely going to love its serenity. Here, you can indulge in various activities. Therefore, one of the things to do in Johor Bahru is to visit this place and feel the excitement and joy which you cannot possibly feel otherwise. Hence, such a happening place indeed offers the best of joy and comfort which you are surely going to miss for ever as you can enjoy to the full throttle. How can you miss quadracycle while being in Johor Bahru? There are two as well as four seaters.

Looking to munch some thing? If yes, then there are great sections of restaurants where you can definitely have mouthwatering food like never before.

Austin Hills Country Club

The place has the potential to marvel you to the core. While you visit the Austin Hills Country Club, you will find spacious rooms which are mind blowing as there are no words to describe their beauty. The rooms here are probably the best. Hence, you will have endless reasons to have blast. Looking to have discounts? If yes, then become a member here and experience the best of joy and comfort. The rates at Austin Hills are indeed are quite affordable among the area and hence you are going to get full value of your money. Since, it has necessary facilities; hence you are going to experience the best time for sure. The rooms along with the facilities are awesome to say the least. You also get the facility to play golf, and the whole atmosphere is indeed quite picturisquee to say the last. If in case you are looking to buy the equipments, then you can equally do the same from the nearby shop which sells them. You just have to pay reasonable amount of money in order to get the food. This is the location which is easily accessible as it is indeed just a 10 mins drive from Tebrau City.

Sanrio Hello Kitty Town

Hello Kitty world is synonymous with various activities such as painting nails, painting biscuit with jam and host of others. Hence, it is going to attract each and every person who visits the place as it is simply mesmerizing. There are endless activities which are simply going to enthrall kids too. Hence, if you are accompanied with kids, then it is a must visit place since they are going to enjoy to the full throttle. Although the entrance fee is a bit more, yet when you are going to visit the inside action, you will feel that it is justified. Hence, kids as well as teenagers are going to be a proud witness to such an enchanting place where they will have endless reasons to have a blast. After all, the place caters to the needs of tiny tots and helps them derive endless and everlasting entertainment like never before.

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