Rimini, a growing destination in Italy

When I visited Rimini for the first time, I discovered that this is not only a city with great entertainment, nice hotels and pubs but it is also the right destination if you love culture, art and ancient history.

What did impress me when I visited Rimini?

Culture, Story

When you arrive to Rimini you will discover that this is a city that hides an ancient story. Rimini was founded by Romans in the 268 B.C, that is why you can find many monuments of the romans period. I was impressed to see the Tiberio’s Bridge, built during the roman period and that today is still strong and used daily by cars, people, and bicycle. The size and structure of this bridge is massive and it is an important connection in the city between Rimini’s center and the Borgo San Giuliano. I visited Borgo San Giuliano by bicycle and this allowed me to get in all corner of this old town. This little village is a mix between popular and medieval style. Many buildings are adorned by nice paintings of important characters of this region and that has to do with Federico Fellini, the famous Italian movie maker who actually born here in Rimini.

If you love the roman art you can also visit the Anfiteatro Romano a structure where the gladiator’s show where held and that today is still used for others events. Another place that impress me was the Domus del Chirurgo, a ancient roman house (domus romana) founded during some works in piazza Ferrari. It is known as Domus del Chirurgo because here were founded ancient surgical tools.

If you prefer a dynamic and active vacation, what can you do in Rimini?

This is the web site you must visit since it gives you the possibility to know the area and plan in advance your next vacation. Here you can also get to know that in the area there are many Theme Parks.

Theme Parks

In and around Rimini there are many Theme Parks good for everyone: young people, children and adult. I visited Rimini with my friend coming from United States, so we choose to visit Italia in Miniatura in order to know all the beauty of Italy in just one day. But if you have children I suggest you Fiabilandia, a wonderful park located in a marvelous green area with also a nice artificial lake and here children they will love to have fun in one of the many games and attraction. Something nice for all family is also the   Delfinario. I almost cried when I saw this funny dolphin dancing and playing, if you have not seen a dolphin in your life I highly recommend you this.

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