5 Best Beaches in US

So the summers are again approaching. Are you planning a long holiday to any beach? The most of the diverse beaches of the world are provided by US. Just have a look at the beauty of nature provided by US. Following are the most beautiful beaches in US to spend the loveliest time you have ever dreamt.

Ka’anapali Beach

It gives a great view of the natural beauty with lots of water along with that the fun is doubled when it have additional quietness, swimming, snorkeling, and surfing to make your trip more adventurous. It was once given a title of America’s best beach. The main attraction of this place is the cliff diving ceremony off of the popular cliffs. So every evening during the sunset it is a pleasure to watch the ceremony.

Siesta Key Public Beach

It is a beautiful place to spend time in peace. It is a place which will prove that there is something extra ordinary in this world. Seriously it is a place of huge interest and a must visit one. The sand of this beach is completely white as it contains 99 % quartz. So it is a lovely feeling while walking on the sand. The sand neither burn your feet nor it get stick to your clothes just like normal sand. Even there are many games for the children also so they can also take the full advantage of the trip.

Gulf Islands National Seashore

Gulf islands give you a lot of beautiful scenes and beaches as you go along. It is a historic place which still has the same fragrance of beauty. These beautiful places consist of the mainland area and parts of 7 islands. This place is known for the sea turtles. Out of the seven species of sea turtles, four are found here only. This is a big thing for the people who love to see such places.

Fort De Soto Park

Every place has some specialty in it. It is a lovely place for picnic as it contains beautiful shady areas, lots of trees and greenery, free parking, auspicious white sand and sea birds. It is a perfect combination of beauty and peace. Far away from human interference it is a treat to watch.

Lanikai Beach

Its beauty is depicted from its name only. In the Hawaiian language the word lanikai means heavenly sea. The water is crystal clear and not too deep. So even if you don’t know how to swim, you can enjoy in water to the full. There is a lot of parking area so you need not worry about the timings and the vehicles. You are going to enjoy the trip and that is an assurance.

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